Cozy Sample Bundle

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We could all use a hug. Especially when it’s in the form of tea in a mug. The Cozy Bundle gives all the feels. GLOW is a wonderfully warming blend that will definitely have you glowing from the inside out. Chi-der is a caffeine free chai, apple cider flavor that will fill you with the wonders of Autumn. Home is a spiced, fruity, tart, tea blend that feels like a hug from a loved one and… well, home.

Bundle includes:

• 1 sample of Glow : turmeric ginger, lemon peel, black pepper.

• 1 sample of Chai-der: red rooibos, dried diced apples, cinnamon, ginger, cloves , cardamom, nutmeg.

• 1 sample of Home: hibiscus, orange peel, cinnamon, elderflower, nutmeg.

All 3 Caffeine Free!